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TOEFL Reading

Solution strategies: megafauna extinction
TOEFL vocab: A words
TOEFL vocab: B-C words
TOEFL Vocab Meaning inferable from roots and prefixes: exercise review
TOEFL Vocab questions: meaning inerrable from roots and prefixes
TOEFL inference questions needing contrapositive
Summary questions
Summery questions based on clues
Easiest clue: absolute vs qualified
Integrated Roman Empire
Integrated: Power companies


A-Z Vocabulary

Ab- words Ab- words
Ac- wordsAc- words
Ad- words:Ad- words
Ae-, Af, Ag- wordsAe-, Af, Ag- words
Al-, Am- words:Al-, Am- words

Roots and affixes

Roots Greek and Latin roots with the same meanings

Prefix from DE to EX
Prefix from FOR to ISO
prefix from MACRO-OVER

Suffixes for nouns from AC to ER
Suffixes for nouns from ESS to URE




1 minute grammar

  1. Use the definite article correctly

  2. Five noun types for noun countability:

  3. Use countable nouns correctly:

  4. Three types of countable nouns:

  5. Three types of uncountable nouns:

  6. How to talk about quantity with uncountable nouns:

Long grammar lectures

  1. Rule 1: Noun-determiner agreement: 

  2. Distinction of countable and uncountable nouns: 

  3. Use “the” for specific things: 

  4. Singular countable indefinite quantifiers:

  5. Plural countable indefinite quantifiers:

  6. Nationality of a person and people:

  7. Uncountable indefinite quantifiers:

  8. Plural and uncountable indefinite quantifiers:

  9. Types of Determiners:

  10. Determiner order (pre-main-post):