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English Pronunciation, the American Way

 American Accent 

Part 1. English Pronunciation, the American Way

This video course, English Pronunciation, the American Way, is consisted of the following four sections:  
1. Intro
2. The 15 American vowels
3. English consonants
4. Connected Speech
  • The lectures are written by Dr. Nanhee Byrnes and narrated by Dr. John Byrnes (native speaker). 
  • There are pronunciation assignments, which will be graded.
  • Those who finish the course within a three-month period will receive the audio book of English Pronunciation, the American Way.  The audio book is roughly based on the video lectures. The audio book is the narration of the e-book with the same course title name. (The e-book can be found on Amazon: English Pronunciation, the American Way, but you do not need the e-book if you are taking this video course.)  
  • The course is priced at $29.99. 

Course preview here:

Table of contents of the course here.