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TOEFL vocab: A words


Essential TOEFL word list

This is a list of words tested in the TOEFL vocab questions. You need to memorize them in terms of their synonyms.

toefl vocab

A words

abnormally  strangely, peculiarly, uncommonly

abrupt  sudden, instantaneous, swift

absorption  immersion, incorporation, assimilation, captivation
abstract  conceptual; a summary, synopsis  

abstract  to extract, withdraw, isolate 

(when used as a noun or adjective, the stress is on the first syllable, ABstract; when used as a verb, the stress is on the second syllable, abSTRACT)

absurd  illogical, irrational, implausible

abundant  present in large quantities, plentiful

abundantly  immensely, profusely, plentifully,

accept  to consent to receive, believe, acknowledge, tolerate 

access  to approach or enter

accommodate  to fit in, adapt, adjust

accordingly  therefore, consequently

accumulate  to gradually collect, amass

accurate  correct, precise; free from errors, on target

accustomed  customary, usual, habitual, routine

achieve  to accomplish

acknowledge  to accept the existence or truth of, express gratitude for 

acquire  to come into possession of

across  beyond, past, on the other side of

activate  to initiate, set in motion

actually  as a matter of fact, indeed, really

adamant  refusing to change an opinion

adapt  to make suitable for a new use, adjust, alter, modify

additive  extra, supplement

adequate  good  enough, sufficient, enough, acceptable 

(in) addition to besides, furthermore, moreover

adjacent  close to or next to, neighboring, adjoining

adjust  to change a little to make better

administration  the process or activity of running an organization

adopt legally take a child as one's own; take up, follow, select, choose, pick, accept

admit  to acknowledge, make known

advantage  a favorable circumstance or feature; a benefit, edge

advent  arrival, appearance, emergence, approach, occurrence

advocate  to champion, support, stand up for

adverse  unfavorable, disadvantageous, unfortunate

affect  to change, have an effect

affirmative agreeing with, assenting, unequivocal 

agency  organization established to provide a specific service, action or intervention 

aggregation  gathering

aggressive  assertive and pushy

ailment  illness, disorder

allege to claim that someone has done something illegal

allegedly  supposedly, reportedly, 

alleviate  to reduce, diminish, weaken, mitigate

allocate  to put aside for a specific purpose

alter  to change or adjust

alternative  available as another possibility, substitute, option, choice 

altogether  entirely, completely

amateur  enthusiast, devotee, fan; person incompetent at a particular activity

Toefl vocab

ambiguous  unclear and difficult to understand, equivocal, ambivalent

ambitious  having large goals   

ample  plentiful

analogous  comparable, similar, matching

analyze  examine methodically and in detail 

anomaly  deviation from the norm

annual  occurring yearly

antique  ancient

anxious  worried, concerned, apprehensive 

apparatus  equipment, gear, instrument, tool

apparent  clearly visible, obvious, evident; seeming true, but not necessarily so

appreciate  to recognize, realize, comprehend, be aware of; respect, acknowledge

approach to come closer to something, a method

arbitrary  based on a whim, random, unpredictable

archaic obsolete, out of date, old-fashioned

archetypal  representative, most typical, conventional

area  a range, field

arid  dry, parched, scorched

arousing  stimulating, stirring, awakening, appealing

ascend  to arise, mount, soar, climb

aspect  a feature, characteristic

assert  to insist, declare, maintain, argue

assess to evaluate, estimate

assessment  evaluation, gauging, estimation, appraisal

assimilation  adaptation, familiarization, acclimation

assist to help

assume to believe without proof 


astute  clever, sharp, ingenious, canny 

attitude  manner or feeling

attribute  to ascribe, assign, credit, to give a person credit for something 

attribute  a quality or feature

attain  to succeed in achieving something desired

attainment  accomplishment, achievement, realization

augment  to increase or make larger

authentic  genuine, original, real, bona fide, true

autonomous  not subject to the rule or control of another, free, independent

authority  the power or right to give orders

available  obtainable, accessible

aware  having knowledge or perception of a situation, well-informed