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Intensive Feedback Course

2-Month TOEFL Writing and Speaking Intensive Feedback Course

Master exam-day speaking and writing with daily access to expert feedback on topic development, word choice, grammar, and pronunciation. This intensive course offers unlimited personalized coaching on your TOEFL writing and speaking responses, honing your skills and boosting your confidence for test-day success.

24-hour turnaround time (M-F)

Enrollment fee = $250

Course duration: Submitting your response initiates your two-month access to the course.

How are your responses really graded? 

As a former college lecturer who has graded tens of thousands of college students’ essays, I know how essays are graded. Essays that feel genuine and original, while addressing the prompt fully and correctly, are the ones that earn A's. Conversely, those lacking originality or relying on tired templates get B's at best. And those that fail to meet basic requirements? C's all around.

The same holds true for the ETS raters. Their published sample responses that score high invariably showcase authenticity, correctness and completeness. Responses that fall into the "medium" category often rely on generic templates with filler sentences, readily identifiable by experienced raters. In their eyes, these templates scream a lack of confidence, like a dog hiding its tail. Grading is like an aptitude test; using a subpar template sets your starting point lower, potentially dragging your score down to 25. You want your rater starting at 30, not 25.

Developing your own authentic templates

While templates can be helpful for time management, relying solely on generic ones won't suffice. The key is to develop your own template, tailored to your unique style. Dr. Byers' Intensive Revision Course will guide you through crafting templates that resonate with your voice and mastering them through extensive practice.

Remember, the TOEFL is not just about regurgitating memorized phrases. It's about showcasing your ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and express yourself authentically. This course will empower you to do just that and achieve your TOEFL goals of 26 and beyond.

You need this Intensive Feedback Course

Unlocking your TOEFL goals starts with understanding your weaknesses. While self-diagnosis might seem appealing, it's like trying to cure an illness without a doctor. Just like a doctor pinpoints your ailments, I can identify the exact areas in your English that need attention, from grammar and pronunciation to prosody.

But diagnosis is just the first step. Fixing those mistakes requires dedicated practice, and that's where my Infinite Revision Course becomes your personal language therapy. Think of it as a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs, guiding you towards mastery in TOEFL writing and speaking. Whether it's topic development, grammar, pronunciation, or prosody, we'll work together in this course to refine your skills and target the exact score you desire.

Here's what makes my Infinite Revision Course different:

  • Daily Support (Monday-Friday): We'll stay connected through email and a shared document, tracking your progress and celebrating your achievements.

  • Personalized Study Materials: Based on my assessment, I'll craft targeted exercises and resources to address your unique challenges

Reaching your full potential in TOEFL often requires guidance from someone who possesses deeper expertise than you. Just as a doctor diagnoses and treats illnesses based on your specific symptoms and medical history, a seasoned TOEFL coach can identify your weaknesses and tailor a plan to address them effectively. Relying solely on advice from other test takers, even those who've succeeded, can be like asking fellow patients for medical advice. While others who passed the TOEFL may offer tips, their own learning journeys and English backgrounds differ, making their advice less specific to your needs. 

That's where I come in. My goal is to offer high-quality TOEFL coaching at a reasonable price, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. By focusing on your individual strengths and weaknesses, I create a personalized strategy to optimize your score and propel you towards your target.

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