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prefixes from MACRO to OVER

Sample lecture Course syllabus

macro- : large, great

   macromolecule (a large molecule) 

macroeconomics (study of the overall forces of economy)

mal- : bad, ill, wrong

   malcontent (dissatisfied, a dissatisfied and rebellious person) 

malaria (bad air → infectious disease)

malaises (a general feeling of discomfort, illness)

malevolent (bad will, evil minded, malicious)

malicious (showing ill will, intending to harm others)

malignant (uncontrollable, dangerous, infectious) 

dismal (depressing, dreary)

max- : greatest

   maximal (the best or greatest possible) 

maximize (to make as great as possible) 

maximum (the greatest amount) 

medi- : middle

   medieval (pertaining to the Middle Ages) 

medium (in the middle) 

median (a middle point)

mediocre (of only medium quality, not very good) 

meddlesome (fond of meddling, interfering, nosy)

mega- : great, large, million

   megalopolis (an area with many nearby cities) 

megaphone (a device that projects a loud voice) 

meso- : middle

   meson (elementary particle with a mass between an electron and a proton) 

   mesosphere (the middle region of the earth's atmosphere) 

meta- : change, after, beyond

metaphysics (study of nature and reality) 

metamorphosis (a complete change of form) 

metastasis (the transmission of disease to other parts of the body) 

metaphor (a figure of speech)

micro- : very small, short, minute

   microbe (a very small living thing) 

microchip (a tiny wafer with an integrated circuit) 

microscope (a device to see very small things) 

mid- : middle

   midriff (the area between the chest and the waist) 

midterm (middle of a term in school) 

midway (halfway between) 

mini- : small, less

   minuscule (extremely tiny) 

minutiae (very small or trivial details) 

mis- : bad, badly, wrong, to hate

misbehave (to behave badly) 

miscreant (a person who is not believable → criminal)

mishap (an unlucky accident, setback)

misprint (an error in printing) 

misplace (to put in a wrong place, to lose)

misnomer (an error in naming a person or thing) 

   misogyny (hate of woman)

misanthrope (a person who dislikes humankind)

neo- : new, recent

neoclassic (a revival of classic form)

neonatal (a newborn baby) 

non-, ne- : absence, negation



nefarious (wicked or criminal)

neglect (fail to care for properly)

ob-, oc-, of-, op-: blocking, against; toward, in the direction of; completely

obese (completely eat → grossly fat, overweight)

obnoxious (towards harm → unpleasant, nasty, distasteful)

object (to refuse, oppose)

objurgate (to denounce harshly, scold)

obloquy (condemnatory speech, strong public criticism) 

obstacle (a thing that blocks one's way)

obfuscate (completely darken → obscure, confuse, bewilder)

obtuse (not sharp-pointed or sharp-edged, stupid)

obdurate (completely hardened → stubborn, unbending, obstinate)

obscene (against decency → disgusting to the senses, scandalous)

obstreperous (noisy and difficult to control)

obstruct (to prevent or hinder)

occupy (to reside or have one's place of business in a building)

occlude (completely block → obstruct, stop, clog) 

occult (supernatural, magical)

offend (to cause to feel upset, commit an illegal act)

oppose (to actively resist, compete against)

opprobrium (against disgraceful conduct → harsh criticism or censure)

omni- : all

    omnipotent (with all the power) 

omniscient (knowing all things) 

omnivorous (eating plants and animals)

out- : surpassing, exceeding, away

outgoing (friendly and socially confident)

outreach (reach further than)

outbuilding (shed or barn detached from the house)

over- : excessively, completely, outer, above

overcoat (a long warm coat worn over other clothing)

overcast (marked by a covering of gray clouds)