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Palatalization in English

Introducing Dr. Byrnes’ English Pronunciation: The American Way and English prosody: Rhythm and melody . English Pronunciation: The American Way The e-book ($9.99) is here . The audiobook ($9.99) , narrated by Dr. John Byrnes, is here .   English prosody: Rhythm and melody  The e-book ($9.99) is here . The audiobook ($9.99) , narrated by Dr. John Byrnes, is here. Please enjoy the following slides. They are the table of contents of the above two books on pronunciation and prosody. Please turn on the audio while listening. The first audio is the intro to pronunciation, and the second audio is the intro to prosody. You can also adjust the speed and others using the hamburger button. The excerpts are here

Repeated content words are not stressed

Why is natives' conversational English is hard to understand?


Hi, I am currently building other websites, and this site will be renovated in the near future. If you are interested in pronunciation and prosody of English, please visit this site of mine . And if you are interested in the TOEFL Reading section, please visit this site of mine . Both are presently works in progress. Let me know if you find anything interesting or if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting this site! Have a wonderful day! Dr. Nanhee Byrnes

Rhythm of English: poetic feet.

How to stress compound words (phrasal verbs, compound nouns and compound...

Compound words are composed of multiple words that together mean one idea. Examples of compound words are phrasal verbs, compound nouns and compound adjectives. Compound words are fixed expressions since they always occur together to mean something quite different from their constituents. That is, frequently, their meaning cannot be inferred from the sum of the meaning of each individual word of the compound. Since they have one meaning, compound words work like one word and have their own intrinsic stress patterns.  Compound words need to be contrasted with descriptive expressions, whose meaning is indeed the sum of the constituent words of the expressions. These descriptive expressions follow the normal stress pattern of English sentences, the details of which we learn in chapter 3 of this book, Rhythmic Stress . The main idea though is that, normally, words that are stressed in sentences are content words such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and unstressed words are functio

English language, its rhythm and melody

미국 영어의 음소(phonemes)와 동음소 이음어(allophones)의 개념

2021 수능 영어 38번 문제 (Maddy's character)

순서찾기 (= 끝말 이어가기) 문제 (2021Q37)

American phonemes (25 vowels and 24 consonants), and the concept of allo...

Why adult learners of English need to begin with learning pronunciation ...