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prefixes from DE to EX

Sample lecture Course syllabus

de- : away, down, off, opposite

decelerate (to slow down, reduce speed) 

dethrone (to remove from power) 

debug (to remove bugs)

derail (to cause a train to leave its tracks accidentally, obstruct)

deflate (to let air out)

degenerate (to decline)

di- :  two

diphthong (a sound made by two vowels)

dichotomy (a cut into two separate pieces, disjunction, contradiction)

di-, dif-, dis-: apart, away, not, to the opposite

diffidence (not having confidence, shyness)

digression (a departure from the main issue) 

disdain (to consider someone unworthy, scorn)

disappear (to move out of sight) 

disfigure (to spoil the attractiveness of)

disingenuous (not candid or sincere)

disinterested (not interested, unbiased)

dissect (to cut apart piece by piece, anatomize, cut up) 

divergent (develop in different directions, dissimilar)

dia- : through, between, apart, across

diagnosis (understanding through a detailed review of symptoms) 

dialog (conversation between two people) 

dialect (regional language)

diatribe (through rubbing → a forceful and bitter verbal attack)

diarrhea (feces in liquid form)

diameter (a straight line passing from side to side through the center)

diaphanous (see through, gossamer)

dys- : abnormal, bad

dyspepsia (abnormal digestion) 

dystopia (an imaginary place of total misery) 

dyslexia (a reading disorder)

e-, ex : out, away

emissary (a representative of a country sent on a mission) 

eject (to throw out forcefully) 

enervate (to weaken)

eccentric (out of center, uncommon, irregular)

elicit (to draw out, evoke)

emit (to send out, send forth)

ecto- : outside, external 

ectoderm (the outermost layer of cells of an embryo) 

 ectoplasm (a supernatural viscous substance exuding from ghosts)

ectopic (in an abnormal place or position)

em-, en- : into, inwards

empathy (the state of having taken in another’s feelings) 

empower (to  put into power) 

engorge (to make larger) 

envision (to picture in the mind) 

enclose (to lock inside) 

endemic (within people →  locally occurring disease)

endo- : within, inside

endotherm (a creature that can keep its inside temperature fairly constant) 

endogenous (having an internal cause or origin)

endorphin (composite word: endogenous + morphine)

epi- : on, upon, over, among, at, after, to, outside

epidemic (upon people → the rapid spread of infectious disease) 

epilog (a short speech delivered after a play) 

epicenter (the center of something unpleasant) 

epiphany (a moment of sudden revelation or insight)

equi- : equal

equidistant (an equal distance from two points) 

equanimity (calm temperament, evenness of temper) 

equity (the quality of being fair and impartial, justice)

equality (the state of being equal)

equilibrium (a state of physical balance, calmness)

equivocate (to speak ambiguously, quibble)

eu- : good, well

euphemism (replacing an offensive word with an inoffensive one) 

euphonious (having a pleasant sound) 

euphoria (feeling of well-being)

eulogy (high praise, speech delivered at a funeral) 

euthanasia (good death, merciful killing)

ex-, exo-, extra-, extro- : from, out, outside, beyond, former

excavate (to dig out) 

exhale (to breathe out) 

extract (to pull out) 

exodus (a mass departure of people)

expedite (beyond foot → to make an event happen sooner)

exoskeleton (a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals)

extraordinary (beyond ordinary) 

extraterrestrial (outside the Earth) 

extrovert (an outgoing person)