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TOEFL vocabulary B and C words

barren  unproductive, infertile, sterile, desolate

benefit  something positive or advantageous

berate  to scold

bestow  to give something as a gift

boast  to brag or talk with excessive pride

bombardment  an attack by dropping explosive devices

bond  tie, link, connection, attachment

boon  benefit, blessing, gain

boost  to help raise or increase something

boycott  veto, shunning, rejection

brash  rude and tactless

brief  short (in terms of time)

brusque  abrupt to the point of rudeness

calibrate  to carefully assess, set, or adjust 

candid  frank, outspoken, honest

capacity  the amount something can hold; ability

TOEFL vocab

captivate  to attract, charm, fascinate

catastrophic  disastrous, ruinous, destructive

cause  to result in, trigger, engender, lead

cease  to stop

ceaseless continual, constant, lasting, eternal  

censure  to express strong disapproval

challenge  to enter into competition, confront, question 

champion  to support the cause of or defend

chaotic  confused, disordered, disrupted

chronological  arranged in order of time or date

circumstance situation

clarify  to make clear, to remove confusion

classification  categorization, grouping

clear  comprehensible, easy to understand, simple and straightforward

cluster  group, aggregate, collection, clump

coalesce  to combine or grow together

coerce  to force someone to do something against their will

cognitive  intelligent, perceiving, perceptible, thinking

cohesion  uniting; becoming one

coincide  to occur at the same time

coincidence  concurrence of events, accident 

conjunction  combination, concurrence, association

collapse  to fall down or break down

collide  to hit one another with a forceful impact

TOEFL vocab

colossal  huge, massive, gigantic, tremendous

combine  to unite, integrate, fuse

comment  remark, observation, statement

commit  carry out, perform, execute

commitment  dedication to a cause or activity

commodity raw material or product that can be bought and sold

commonly  usually, generally, normally, typically

community  a group of people who live or work together

comparable  similar, corresponding, alike, analogous

comparison  contrast, differentiation

comparative  relative 

compatible  corresponding, fit, cooperative, harmonious

compelling  not boring at all, irresistible or captivating, persuasive, convincing

compensate  to give (someone) something in recognition of loss; pay (someone) for work performed; act so as to neutralize 

compensation  reward, payment, settlement

complex  complicated, involved, intricate

component  a part or element of a larger whole

compound  to make more intense, deepen, heighten, intensify

comprehend  to understand, grasp, perceive

compulsory  obligatory, mandatory, required, necessary


conceal  to hide

concentrate  to focus, zero in on

concept  an idea

concur  to agree

concrete  physical, tangible, firm

conduct  performance, demeanor, ways, manners

confine  to restrict, limit, constrain

conflict  an argument, disagreement or fight

confirm  affirm, reaffirm, corroborate

conscious  aware, awake, alert

consent  agreement, accord, permission, authorization

consequence  effect, result, outcome

consequently  therefore, hence, so, thus

considerable  important enough to get special notice

considerably  significantly noticeably

considerate  thoughtful, attentive

TOEFL vocab

consist  to be made of

constant  unchanging

constantly  steadily, continually, incessantly

constrain  to restrict or repress

construct  to build, erect, establish

consume  to eat, use

contact  to communicate with (someone), to get in touch, to touch

contemplate  to consider thoughtfully

contention  dispute, disagreement, discord

context  circumstances, conditions, surroundings

continuously  to go on without stopping

contour  shape, outline, delineation, silhouette

contradict  to give the opposite opinion

contrarily  conversely, in contrast, unlike

contrast  difference, dissimilarity

contribute  to give something to a cause

controversial  disputable, arguable, contentious