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roots beginning with QUAD (four) through RUPT (to break)

Sample lecture  Course syllabus

quad : four

   quadrant (each of four parts of a plane or area) 

quadrangle (a square or rectangle, quad)

quad (a rectangular space or courtyard enclosed by buildings) 

quadruped (an animal that has four feet) 

quart : fourth

   quarter (one fourth; to divide into four parts; to range over in all directions, patrol) 

quart (a fourth of a gallon) 

quartet (a musical composition or group involving four voices or instruments) 

qual :characteristic 

qualify (to become eligible for a competition)

qualitative (relating to the quality of something rather than its quantity)

quality (the degree of excellence of something)

quant : amount 

quantify (to express or measure the quantity of)

quantity (an  amount) 

quantum (a required or allowed amount, the smallest needed amount)

quasi : partly, so called 

quasi- (seemingly; apparently but not really)

quasar (quasi-stellar (astronomical object))

quer, quir, ques : seek 

conquer (to overcome and take control of 

inquire (to ask for information from someone)

query (a question, especially one addressed to an official) 

querulous (complaining in a petulant or whining manner)

quest (a long or arduous search for something)

request (an act of asking politely or formally for something)

quota : amount, how many 

quota (a fixed share of something that a person or group is entitled to)

quotient (a result obtained by division, an amount of a specified quality)

quotidian (occurring every day, daily)

quint : five, fifth

   quintessence (pure essence, mythical fifth element)

quintuple (fivefold) 


radic : root

   eradicate (pull out at the roots → eliminate) 

radical (thorough going, fundamental; revolutionary, drastic) 

radish (an edible root of the mustard family) 

ranc : stink

rancid (smelling or tasting unpleasant as a result of being old and stale)

rancor (hate, bitterness or resentfulness)

rancorous (characterized by bitterness or resentment)

rap, rapi, rapt : plunder, seize 

rapacious (aggressively greedy or grasping)

ravish (fill someone with intense delight; enrapture)

rapine (the violent seizure of someone's property)

rapture (a feeling or expression of intense pleasure or joy)

surreptitious (being kept secret, stealthy, secretive)

ras, raz : scrape 

abrasive (showing little concern for the feelings of others, caustic, biting)

rasp (a harsh, grating noise, a tool for scraping)

razor (a tool to remove hair)

rect : right, straight

erect (rigidly upright or straight; to construct a building)

direct (shrotest, quickest, straightforward)

rectangle (a plane figure with four straight sides and four right angles)

rectify (to put right; correct, amend, reform, make good)

reg, rect : rule 

regime (government, authority)

regent (a member of the governing body)

insurrection (a violent uprising against an authority, insurgence, mutiny, revolt)

regal (fit for a king, being magnificent or dignified)

regulate (to control or supervise something)

relic : to leave, neglect 

relic (an object surviving from an earlier time, antique, heirloom)

derelict (in a very poor condition from disuse, dilapidated; abandoned property)

dereliction (the shameful failure to fulfill one's obligations, negligence)

resid : remain

reside (to have one's permanent home in a particular place)

residence (a person’s home)  

residual (remaining after the greater part or quantity has gone)

residue (a small amount of something that remains)

rhino : nose

   rhinoceros (animal species with a big horn on the snout) 

rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose) 

rhinovirus (viruses that cause the common cold) 

rhod(o) (red, rose) 

rhododendron (a type of flower)

rhodolite (a pale violet or red variety of garnet, used as a gemstone)

ridi, risi, ri : laugh

deride (to make fun of someone) 

ridicule (to make fun or mock) 

ridiculous (silly, causing laughter) 

risible (laughable, comical)

rig : stiff 

rigid (unable to bend, not able to be changed or adapted)

rigor (severity, strictness)

rigorous (extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate)

roga : ask, beg

abrogate (to repeal, overturn; to evade a responsibility or duty)

derogatory (showing disrespectful attitude, belittling, disparaging)

interrogate (to ask questions aggressively)

supererogation (the performance of more work than duty requires)

rota : wheel 

rotary (revolving around a center or axis; a rotary machine)

rotate (to move in a circle) 

rotisserie (cooking tool to roast meat)

rrhea : flow, discharge

diarrhea (abnormally excessive bowel movement) 

hemorrhage (heavy blood flow) 

catarrh (inflammation of a mucous membrane, especially the nose and throat) 

rub (red) 

rubella (a type of disease where skin becomes reddish)

rubric (a heading on a document originally written in red)

ruby (a red gemstone)

rupt : break, burst

   abrupt (sudden and unexpected)

disrupt (to interrupt) 

bankrupt (being unable to pay back debt, a bankrupt person) 

interrupt (to break into a conversation or event, to disturb) 

rupture (to break, to breach, a break)