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roots from SE (to cut) to SON (sound)

Sample lecture  Course syllabus

se, sec, sect : apart, without, cut

section (a cut up part)

sect (a group that has separated from an established belief)

sectarian (rigidly following the doctrines of a sect) 

secede (to formally break away from a nation) 

seclude (to keep away from) 

serum (a liquid isolated out of another) 

dissect (to cut apart piece by piece) 

intersection (the place or point where two things cross each other) 

bisect (to cut into two equal parts) 

consecutive (following continuously)

sed, sid, sess : sit

reside (have one's permanent home in a particular place)

sediment (the material that settles to the bottom of a liquid) 

preside (to be in the position of authority in a meeting) 

semble : similar, together

dissemble (to conceal one's true motives, feelings, or beliefs)

resemble (to have similar qualities)

semblance (the outward appearance) 

assemble (to put together)

ensemble (a group of musicians playing together)

semi : half, partial

semiannual (every half year) 

semicircle (half a circle)

seni : old 

senile (showing weakenss of old age)

seniority (a privileged position earned by reason of longer service or higher rank)

senescent (becoming old with age, cell’s losing power of division and growth)  

sens : experience

insensate (lacking sympathy or compassion; unfeeling)

sentient (living, conscious, aware)

sensible (reasonable, pragmatic, prudent)

sensitive (easily damaged, injured or upset)

sensual (sexy, erotic, seductive, hedonistic)

sept : seven

September (the seventh month in the Roman calendar) 

septet (a group of seven musicians) 

septuagenarian (a person in his or her seventies) 

sequi : follow 

consequence (the result or outcome of something else)

sequence (an order in which related events follow each other)

sequential (forming a sequence)

serpen : crawling 

serpent (a large snake)

serpentine (move or lie in a winding path or line)

serv : save, keep

conserve (to save or keep something safe) 

preserve (to save something) 

sinist : left

sinister (threatening, ominous, foreboding, baleful)

sinistral (of or on the left side or the left hand)


sinu : wind, bend 

insinuate (to suggest or hint, imply)

sinuate (having a wavy or sinuous margin (a sinuate-lobed leaf))

sinuous (having many curves, winding, serpentine (sinuous river))

sist : stand 

assistance (the act of helping, the provision of money to help someone)

desist (to abstain, refrain, stop, hold back)

insistent (adamant, determined, unyielding, tenacious, persistent)

resistant (waterproof, impenetrable, repellent of)

sol : alone

desolate (lonely, dismal, gloomy) 

solitary (done alone, by yourself) 

solo (a performance done by one person) 

sol : sun

solar (involving the sun) 

parasol (umbrella protecting from the sun) 

solu, solv : loosen 

absolve (to declare someone free from blame, exonerate, exculpate)

dissolve (to melt and disappear)

resolve (to decide firmly on a course of action; to find solution)

soluble (able to be dissolved, especially in water) 

solvent (able to pay one's debts, debt-free)

somn, sopo : sleep

insomnia (inability to fall asleep) 

somniloquy (talking in your sleep) 

somnolent (feeling sleepy) 

somniferous (tending to induce sleep; soporific)

soporific (sleepy or drowsy, boring)

son : sound

consonant (a speech sound) 

sonorous (producing loud, full, rich sounds) 

supersonic (faster than sound) 

resonance (reverberating sound; the ability to evoke emotions)

unison (as one voice)