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TOEFL Reading Lecture Course

TOEFL Reading Strategy Lecture Course

This is a lecture course, not one-on-one. Dr. Nanhee Byrnes will go over all the TOEFL reading question types, focusing on strategies on how to find correct answers quickly. 

  • 8 lectures per course, offered monthly, meets twice per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00 am-9:55 am, Pacific time 

  • $99.99 per course

  • Lecture recaps will be available in the format of powerpoint and accompanying audio

  • Given the time limit, Dr. Byrnes will not fully explain the reasons that underlie the strategies. The reasons are detailed in Dr. Byrnes' TOEFL Reading Self-study Course ($19.99). Purchasing the self-study course is strongly encouraged since to master the strategies, you need to practice the strategies on the questions that require using the same strategies.   

(This lecture course is still in development. In the meantime, the course is offered only for those who sign up for the personal reading coaching.)   

Hard TOEFL passages with hard questions, made easy