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TOEFL Listening or Reading

If you need personal tutoring in TOEFL reading or listening, you can sign up here. It is composed of four meetings (1.5 hour per meeting) for $50.00. You learn strategies to quickly identify correct answers. 

How to answer the main-idea questions (Q1)

The key to score high in the TOEFL Listening section is the ability to take good notes. Note taking is critical for two reasons.

  • The lectures imitate those done in American colleges. The professor begins with a gentle introduction to the topic of concern, but the lecture content quickly becomes involved, as she will use comparative, inferential and procedural methods to better explain the subject. Not surprisingly, the lectures are boring and difficult to understand, even to natives. It takes a Superman-level capacity to pay attention to something that bores you. You are not a Superman. To stay with the lecture, that is, to prevent your mind from wandering away from the lecture, you need to keep moving something, and that’s your note-taking hand. 

  • The lectures are long (5-6-minute duration) and dense. So it is impossible to remember every detail or digest all the information from the lectures. Indeed, you cannot remember a concept if you don't understand it. Questions are fully based on the lecture content. Some questions simply test your ability to regurgitate what was said in the lecture. So, even if you didn’t digest some of the content in the lecture,  you can answer the questions correctly if you took notes. 

Naturally, the main focus of this course is to teach you how to take good notes, notes that capture all the essential information, necessary to answer the questions. 

  • There are 4 Google-Meet meetings (1.5 hour per meeting)  

  • We'll work on a TOEFL set (2 conversations + 3 lectures) at each meeting

  • You learn how to take notes while listening to the lectures

  • We go over 6 sets of official TOEFL listening tests.

  • You receive your expected TOEFL Listening score at the end of fourth week.








Logistics week (e.g., meeting time,…)



week 1

hwk set 1

Meeting 1

hwk set 1 redo



week 2

hwk set 2

Meeting 2

hwk set 2 redo



week 3

hwk set 3

Meeting 3

hwk set 4

Practice week

week 4

hwk set 5

Meeting 4

hwk set 6

your expected score

The enrollment fee for this course is $50.00. Once enrolled, you will land on a Google Classroom site where you can find detailed class schedule and homework assignments for the course.