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Liquids /l/ and /r/ pronunciation

   /l/ and /r/ are called liquids since air flow is redirected and sent to different directions before exiting the lips. For /l/, imagine the tongue like a big rock in the middle of a little brook. The water stream is divided into two and moves around the rock. So is the airflow with /l/. For /r/, imagine the tongue like an odd-shaped rock that is under the water surface. The water will move around and over the rock. So is the airflow with /r/ around the tongue.  Liquids are some of the hardest sounds to pronounce correctly for non-native speakers. One important reason for this is that liquids are actually pronounced differently before and after a vowel in a syllable, but non-native speakers are often unaware of this fact. For /l/, the two different sounds are often called the light L and dark L. For /r/, the two different sounds are called the prevocalic R and vocalic R. We examine these different sounds of the same phoneme briefly.  English Pronunciation: the American Way Lateral liq

Words with /j/ sound and minimal pairs with and without /j/

반모음 /j/ (Semivowel /j/)

 Hi, These are some of the videos I have been posting on Youtubes. Presently, I am writing a book on TOEFL reading and making a course based on the book simultaneously. The videos are listed without a theme. If you visit my Youtube site, you can find videos based on your interest. Thanks for visiting, and leave me a message.   /w/소리는 ‘W” 철자를 가진 단어 들 에서 주로 나오죠. 하지만 ‘W’가 있어도 /w/ 소리가 나지 않는 단어도 많고, ‘W’가 없어도 /w/ 소리가 나는 단어도 많죠. 어려운 /w/ 단어들과 예외적 단어들을 알아보죠.

Diphthong /aɪ/

the rhythm of English

정관사 사용법

American Accent: words with /ɑ/ sound

Dr. Byrnes' exam vocabulary a-z

exam vocab a-z: Li-Lu

/ju/ sound and the Yod dropping of American English

/u/, /ʊ/ 최소 쌍 비교, /u/, /ʊ/ 영어 문장

한국에서 잘못배운 '우'와 '으' 포함한 단어들