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25+ TOEFL Speaking Course

25+ TOEFL Speaking Course

  • recorded lectures (video or audio with transcriptions), 
  • hundreds of sample audio responses with transcriptions, 
  • homework, 
  • regular feedback, and 
  • weekly open class lectures 

Coming in January, 2024
Budget friendly

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a 25+ TOEFL Speaking score.

To achieve this goal, you need to focus on two key aspects:

  • Understand what perfect-score responses look like for each speaking task type. This involves identifying the characteristics of high-scoring responses, such as strong topic development, effective language use, and clear delivery.

  • Craft your own authentic, personalized perfect response. This requires you to internalize the elements of high-scoring responses and apply them to your own unique experiences and perspectives.

To help you achieve this goal, the course is structured as follows:

  1. Lecture videos or audio narrated by a native speaker (Dr. John Byrnes) with transcriptions. These lectures will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what you need to know to earn a perfect score of 4 in each speaking task.

  2. Hundreds of sample responses with transcriptions. These sample responses will allow you to analyze and learn from high-scoring examples, focusing on topic development, language use, and delivery.

  3. Repeated listening to sample responses. By listening to the sample responses multiple times, you will subconsciously absorb the key elements of high-scoring responses, including topic development, grammar usage, fixed expressions and pronunciation.

  4. Homework assignments and feedback. These assignments will provide you with an opportunity to practice crafting your own responses and receive personalized feedback from the instructor.

  5. Weekly open class lectures. These lectures will allow you to review lecture materials, discuss challenging concepts, and ask questions in a friendly and supportive environment.

To avoid plagiarism concerns, the course provides many different sample responses. However, it is essential that you craft your own examples based on your own experiences and perspectives. This is why homework assignments and feedback are an integral part of the course.

Don't plagiarize! (I saw this on Reddit)

The goal of this course is to help you develop the ability to respond to questions immediately, correctly, and fully, as if it were second nature. By the time you take the TOEFL, you will feel confident in your ability to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to achieve a 25+ score.