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TOEFL Speaking

  • In this TOEFL speaking, you learn how to produce high-scoring spoken responses. 

  • There are 4 Google-Meet meetings (1 hour per meeting)

  • The enrollment fee for this course is $99.99.

TOEFL Speaking tests your speaking ability needed in academic settings. Unlike conversational English, academic English is reason-driven, meaning that you need to be able to explain cogently why something should be the case. Depending on the question type, the reason can be based on your own thinking, on listening to a conversation or a lecture. To speak cogently, you need to be able to organize your ideas and present them using the academic conventions of moving ideas, which are these: from general to specific, from old to new, and logical transitioning with correct transitional words. (These conventions are discussed in the TOEFL Reading Course, Sentence-Insertion Questions). A spoken response that scores high always is well-organized and ideas move fluidly, without jerking, as it follows the conventions of moving ideas.  

To score high in spoken response, you need to satisfy the following three conditions: 

  • Organization and presentation of ideas that help listener understanding

  • Correct content if based on a lecture or conversation, and persuasive reason if based on your own thoughts. If your reason is based on a conversation or a lecture, you should take notes so that your response covers all the essential points mentioned. 

  • Intelligibility. Even if your responses are correct and well-organized, you will not receive a high score if your English is unintelligible. To be easily understood, you should work on your pronunciation, and more importantly, on prosody, i.e., fluidity while speaking. Our spoken English is inevitably affected by the speech mannerisms of our mother tongue, which results in a foreign accent. If the pronunciation and prosody characteristics of your native language is very different from those of  English, you should spend some time (at least three months of intensive study) to be intelligible.  We offer self-guided pronunciation and prosody courses. When you enroll in this course, you will immediately land on a Google Classroom site where you can find a detailed class schedule and homework assignments for the course.