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Catenation happens when a word ends in a consonant sound and the beginning of the next word starts with a vowel sound. In this situation, the consonant is moved to the ensuing vowel and pronounced like one word. These are examples:

this afternoon  → thi safternoon 

turn off  → tur noff 

this orange  → thi (/s/)orange

that orange  → tha t(/d/)orange

dropoff → dro poff 

sleepearly  → slee pearly 

wake up  → wa kup

not at all  → no t(/d/)a t(/d/)all 

still early → stil learly

get out of  → ge t(/d/)ou t(/d/)of 

weekend off  → weeken doff

took off  →too koff 

come over → co mover

cats and dogs →  cat san dogs