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Catenation after H dropping

In the section on the fricative consonant /h/, we were introduced to the H-dropping phenomenon, which is that H is dropped (not pronounced) from function words in certain situations. Since H is not pronounced, this is an instance of elision. Examples of H-function words are the ‘have’ verb (have, has, had) and pronouns that begin with H (he, his, him, her). The situation that allows the H-dropping is when these words are in the middle of a sentence and unstressed. After the H-dropping, we need to link the preceding consonant to the remaining vowel of the H-words. For example, 

Was he sleeping? → Wasi sleeping?
Ask her about it → Askerabout it.
Look him up → Lookimup.
Give her a call → Givera call.

These are more examples: 

Did he or didn't he? → didi/j/ordidni 
Where's his coat? → wherezizcoat
Is he busy? → izibusy
What's her name? → whatsername 
Find her → finder
Give her → giver
I told him → itoldim